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Charitable organizations as a reliable way to transfer their funds to help

Representatives of charitable organizations – UAPAY partners

We have been accepting challenges and finding our own business for two months now. Some have taken up arms and heroically defended our land, some are buying equipment for soldiers, providing them with food, some are working to rebuild the infrastructure of destroyed cities. There are those who take care of the wounded or displaced.

And someone has already managed to create a charitable organization or expand the scope of activities that already exist. Charitable foundations don’t just raise money. In their field, they become professionals in providing assistance. They know where to get the things they need and who they will definitely help. The funds also report transparently and provide comprehensive work in accordance with their activities. The participants of the funds are experts who involve others in charity, providing legal and psychological assistance to their wards.

We want to feel useful and therefore look for different ways to help. Of course, donating to charities is a reliable way. From UAPAY as a national payment service, we propose to consider in more detail the activities of funds that are direct partners of the service. Details for the donation are on the main pages of the BO sites.

The charity fund is engaged in the production of bulletproof vests, which are catastrophically lacking in Ukraine, and to order from abroad is long and expensive. This project of the fund is called “Armor for cats”.

The price of bulletproof vests on the site is symbolic, everyone donates as much as they can. After all, they are not sold, but only raise funds for tailoring. After sewing, all bulletproof vests are handed over to the Supreme Court, the Defense Forces and the police.

The public association was established to support initiatives to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, the implementation of EU environmental safety standards in Ukraine.

With the start of the war in Ukraine, they reoriented themselves and launched a separate humanitarian program to support the defenders of Ukraine and the country’s population.

The main directions of humanitarian aid:

  • evacuation of the population of Ukraine;
  • food aid to provide defenders of Ukraine and the population of Ukraine;
  • resettlement assistance;
  • humanitarian help;
  • conducting an active information campaign to disseminate information about events taking place in Ukraine.

Volunteers also think about the future. Together with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, they are developing a program for the rapid construction of special settlements for refugees.

Support Ukrainian Army is a platform where you can pay for the production of necessary things for soldiers who protect Ukraine from Russian aggression.

The team of volunteers initially raised funds for a huge range of needs of the Armed Forces and territorial forces, but eventually decided to focus on the production of necessary things. After all, local production is more important than finding finished products that are already too difficult to find.

Through the “online store” you can choose what to sponsor and pay. BF transfers these funds to manufacturers who manufacture and ship products for the Armed Forces to hotspots.

Volunteers also provide humanitarian aid to people who have suffered from Russian aggression and to the military who are defending our country from enemies. The report can be viewed at the link.

Volunteers started the Charitable Program “Restoration, Preservation, Development and Support of Ukraine” for the period from March 4, 2022 to March 1, 2025.

They raise funds for activities aimed at:

  • providing the opportunity to receive free psychotherapeutic care for those who have lost loved ones, suffered torture, violence, rape by the occupiers
  • creation of self-sufficient and autonomous eco-settlements for refugees and displaced persons
  • creation of rehabilitation centers for orphans, the elderly and pets
  • creation of maternity centers for pregnant women, which will provide an opportunity to save lives in the future
  • introduction of the latest scientific technologies that will provide an opportunity to gain economic independence, create and implement innovative projects
  • resumption of work and creation of new modern greenhouses, farms, industries to ensure the livelihood of the population of Ukraine.

The charitable organization, together with the voluntary formation of the Khmelnytsky Territorial Community No. 3/30, provides assistance to the residents of Ukraine who have suffered from the invasion of the occupying forces. Volunteers chose the following areas:

are engaged in the organization of humanitarian cargo, military equipment, ammunition for the needs of the Armed Forces and the SRO.

  • provide humanitarian assistance to refugees, residents of cities and towns where there is a humanitarian and epidemiological crisis;
  • promote the evacuation to the territory of western Ukraine of orphans and children with their mothers, the elderly.
  • organize reception points for evacuees in safe places with further arrangement of temporary housing and provide food, clothing, medicine, personal hygiene products, etc.
  • organize a staff of teachers, educators, nannies and psychologists, because most of the migrants are small children and even orphans.

A charitable foundation that has just begun its journey, but has already made its contribution to the fight against Russian aggression. They recently purchased and transferred the car to the combat zone. On a permanent basis, the fund provides the military with the necessary auto parts, seizures and disposable tableware. Fundraising for the purchase of tactical turnstiles for personal first aid kits is underway.

You can transfer funds to charities according to the details on the sites.

How exactly do organizations receive funds for their accounts?
Through the UAPAY system, the funds from your card go to the Charitable Foundation’s account. They can not be used for other purposes – the funds will be transferred to the accounts of legal entities of the industries whose products are displayed on the site.
Remember! The surest way to help is to choose a fund that guarantees the preservation and purpose of your donation. 

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