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UAPAY is the national transfer service that allows you to transfer money by card number, phone number or e-mail.

There is no subscriber fee at UAPAY website. And all operations require no registration.

You can use Visa and MasterCard, issued by any bank in Ukraine. The card must be enabled for online payments (ask your bank support team). Phone number of the bank's contact center can be found on the backside of your card.

According to the laws of Ukraine, you can make transfers in local currency only.

Personal computer, laptops, smartphones with any internet browsers can be used for a money transfer. For example, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera (all versions), Internet Explorer (at least 9) and Safari.

To make a transfer you need to know the recipient's card number or cell phone number / e-mail address, your card number, date of expiry and CVV/CVC2 code.

CVV/CVC2 code is a three-digit code to verify your bank card. It can be found on the back of the card (last three digits) under the magnetic stripe.

We need your phone number to quickly get in touch with you.

It is a money transfer which uses a special link sent to the recipient's e-mail address. After receiving it, the recipient must enter the code from the letter and indicate the card number to which the funds will be credited.

It is a money transfer which uses a special link sent to the recipient as SMS message. After receiving it, the recipient must enter the SMS code from the letter and indicate the card number to which the funds will be credited.

PCI DSS is an international standard for electronic security. UAPAY cares for your safety, therefore, gets audited on a regular basis and meets all the requirements of this certificate relating to data security of bank card holders.

3D Secure is a technology for checking the authenticity of online payment. If your card supports 3D Secure, you need to confirm the use of the card during money transfer. To do this, simply enter the validation code sent by your bank as SMS message.

Possible causes: 1) You entered incorrect phone number to the bank card. Please call to the contact center of your bank to change it. Phone number of the bank's contact center can be found on the backside of your card; 2) Lack of free mobile phone memory for SMS messages. Try to delete some SMS; 3) Delay is on the side of mobile network operator. Try to turn the phone off and on to update settings. Then repeat the transfer; 4) Delay is associated with the bank, that serves the card. Try again later; 5) Bank employees can not tell you the code to pass 3D Secure verification. This information is unavailable to them. Do not share this password!

In this case we recommend to immediately contact our customer service by phones:+38 044 364 44 64, +38 050 027 33 33, +38 073 027 33 33, +38 096 027 33 33 (calls under the rates of your mobile network operator), 0 800 21 44 64 (free of charge in Ukraine).

The money will be credited to the recipient's account within three days of the transfer or use of SMS code.

For customers who own cards with credit lines, payment can be made even if there is a lack of funds in the account. Only the issuing bank can open a credit line for you on the card and set its size, as well as provide information about the balance on the card account. In addition, only the bank can give you complete information on any operations or operations that have the status «Failure».

There is insufficient money on your card or your card has expired. A request for payment is not allowed by the payment gateway: most likely your card has disabled CVV code verification. Contact your bank and it will help you to enable CVV code verification. The customer service telephone number is usually located on the backside of the card. The transaction is prohibited by the issuing bank: this means that the bank issued the card refused to make the payment. Most often, this is due to blocking the card for payments via the Internet or established limits. 90% of cards in Ukraine are issued with a set limit, which prohibits payment via the internet. To resolve this issue, call to your bank.

Since July 24, 2015, PrivatBank has imposed limits for transfers between cards on external websites. Therefore, transfers from PrivatBank cards may fail. To address this issue, we recommend you to contact PrivatBank customer support service by phone 3700.

Immediately after the successful transfer, the service will ask you to save the receipt to the device from which you made the payment.

If the money did not reach the account - you are kindly requested to contact our customer support to determine the circumstances and causes of unaccomplished payment. You can contact your bank to find out whether the payment has been made using that account.

You have to pay for the service once. If money has been withdrawn from your account, it is a bank error. In this case, the money will be automatically returned to your account as the order has already been paid and no payment is due. If money has not been credited to your card, be sure to contact the issuing bank's customer support and UAPAY support.

Make sure your bank card enables online payments. You can have your card activated within several minutes - simply contact the call center of your bank. Make sure the acceptable balance of your card for online payments is not less than the required amount. To increase the limit of your card, contact the call center of the bank and the operator will telephonically increase the balance at your discretion. Make sure the balance of funds on the card is sufficient to pay for the order.

UAPAY has restrictions related to the amount of payment, which depends on each service provider. Typically, the minimum amount of payment is 1 UAH. You can see the minimum and maximum amount of payment on the payment page of each selected service provider.

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