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UAPAY Checkout

UAPAY Checkout gives additional value to your online business using a suite of solutions aimed at automating payments for goods and services using bank cards, as well as the delivery of goods purchased by your buyers in Ukraine.

UAPAY Checkout is built on the principles of transparency, security, and ease of use for you and your customers.

We work with bank cards of international Visa and MasterCard payment systems, as well as the PROSTIR National payment system.

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Fraud monitoring

Using unique algorithms that detect and block suspicious transactions, our system ensures payment security and protection against fraud. Algorithms and rules are constantly being improved, which helps keep the security level up to standard without compromising payment conversions.


QR payments

Generating QR payment code allows you to set payment acceptance points outside the POS terminals. In QR code you can keep the details of the recipient, the amount to be paid, or provide the payer with the opportunity to make the desired amount to be paid himself. The technology is optimally suited for various offline establishments, for event organizers and stores with physical points of sale. No integration required.


Paperless workflow

Agreements, orders and other documents can be signed now using a qualified electronic signature. This significantly reduces the time of signing a standard contract and eliminates all additional costs for paper, ink, and logistics of paper copies. And most importantly, a qualified electronic signature has full legal force and increased security.


Subscription payments

Regular or recurring payments allow you to make transactions in the period indicated by the payer. The system will automatically charge a certain amount from a card and after each successful transaction, the payer will receive a notification of payment with a payment receipt with a digital signature.


Escrow payments

Now both parties of the transaction are protected from fraud thanks to escrow payments. The technology guarantees the success of the operation when all conditions of the transaction are met by both parties. The buyer is confident in the refund in the matter of a failed transaction, and the seller - in the getting of funds after successful completion of the transaction.


Multi payments

A perfect solution for marketplaces and other platforms that need automatic calculation with several suppliers of goods and services. Transfer of funds is carried out the next day according to the specified details of the recipients in your account or by API. If the requisites are incorrect, we will notify you immediately.



We understand how important it is to quickly connect a payment system, and for this, we have developed the most affordable API and ready-made payment CMS modules that can be installed and activated. We also offer an “Integrate for me” service. Now you do not have to spend time studying technical documentation, our team will do everything for you.


Soft launch

Ideal for those who want start accepting online payments without unnecessary actions and wasting of time

Per successful transaction
  • 1 day integration
  • Online support
  • Ready integrations and API
  • Service "Integrate for me"
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Solutions for large companies with unique business models

  • Exclusive rate
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Complex solutions
  • Technical support
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for developers

We provide a universal payment API and ready-to-use modules for CMS-systems, which allows you to connect a payment system on the site quickly and easily.

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