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Industry solutions

  • Marketplaces
  • Online retail
  • Travel organizations
  • Insurance
  • Microlending


When paying for orders from several suppliers, the payment is split instantly into different recipients. As a result of the payments, you will receive a detailed report on the payments made

For marketplaces
Saving time with vendors allows you to focus on expanding your business and quality of customer service
For the merchant
The shortest period for settlements for goods sold on the marketplace minimizes the supply gap

Online retail

Add extra value to your online store by accepting credit cards online, making instant refunds if the product is not in stock or doesn’t fit, and providing a guarantee of product delivery.

For the merchant
Our solution "Plug&Pay" allows you to start accepting payments in 1 day. No paperwork, no loss of time and money!
For buyer
The guarantee of the safety of money and the protection of personal data is provided by the security standards PCI DSS 3.1, GDPR requirements and the financial license of the NBU.

Travel organizations

Our payment services will allow you to reduce transaction costs during payouts with partners and accepting payments from travelers

For travel agency
Now you can send invoices via email, Viber, WhatsApp or any other messenger immediately after negotiation with a tourist
For the traveler
The ability to pay for a ticket right from your mobile phone, saving time on finding a terminal or typing a card number for money transfer. An additional degree of protection for the payment page will increase tourist loyalty


Automate accepting payments from your customers on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Make insurance payouts just through your business account or using our API.

For insurance companies
Using our technology of card tokenization and the subscriptions, your customer can add a card once and make insurance payment with additional steps.
For the customer
Ability to get an insurance payout immediately on personal VISA, MasterCard payment card.


You will be able to give out loans to bank cards and accept payments remotely, significantly reducing the costs of servicing physical points and speeding up the customer service process

For organizations
A business account significantly simplifies the process of payment monitoring, as well as giving out a loan to one or many borrowers at once
For borrower
Instant money transfer to a bank card allows you to use the funds for your needs immediately and to repay a microloan without delays and additional fees

For developers

We provide a universal payment API and ready-to-use modules for CMS-systems, which allows you to connect a payment system on the site quickly and easily.

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