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Dmytro Zarakhovych on trends in AI for The Recursive

Dmytro Zarakhovich, co-founder and managing partner of UAPAY, shared his findings on the hot trends in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) in finance in an exclusive commentary for online media The Recursive.

In his forecast for 2024, he drew attention to the main aspects:
🔹Credit scores to determine how risky a customer may be to provide credit are becoming more accurate thanks to the use of alternative data sources.
🔹Improving fraud detection algorithms and patterns of fraudulent behavior is a critical task in light of the increasing number of financial attacks.

Want to learn more about AI in fintech? Read at the link: https://therecursive.com/hottest-trends-and-predictions-for-ai-in-finance-a-glimpse-into-2024/

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