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Global Payments Day-2021

On September 23, the Global Payments Day conference was held to discuss the most pressing issues of infrastructure development at the national and global levels.

As part of Global Payments Day, Dmytro Zarakhovych, founder and managing partner of UAPAY, took part in a panel discussion: “E-commerce – the way, means and method of transforming the reception of global to local payments”.

“Sooner or later we will come to the absence of interfaces, confirmations, clicks. I am convinced that the easier the payment process is, the more people will use it. All the technologies that are available now provide an excellent basis for the development of e-commerce in the future. For our part, we must implement the client’s experience in a way for it to be convenient for him, not for us as providers, processors, or banks. We will adapt to him”, – Dmytro Zarakhovych made forecasts for the development of e-comm for the next 5 years.

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