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How to prevent fraud in charity

Ukraine is united by common goals – we help each other, donate to good deeds and the army.

This is used by Internet fraudsters, do not believe their false information and listen to the recommendations of UAPAY:
– send funds to verified charitable organizations – do not be lazy to call back and specify the current account number;
– check the personal information of the person requesting funds, analyze his situation;
– help people who will be able to report on your help (what was bought with your money);
– make sure that the posted information is accurate, find out all the details of the case;
– help with a fresh head, not with emotions.

Remember! The surest way to help is to choose a fund that guarantees the preservation and purpose of your donation.

For example, the largest volunteer organizations – Come Back Alive, “Support the Army” National Bank of Ukraine, Help Ukraine.center, as well as our partners – Public Union”Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and EnergyRotary Club Kyiv InternationalSupport Ukrainian Army

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