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UAPAY has updated the service for paying fines for traffic violations

The UAPAY team has developed additional search tools for the traffic fines payment system.

A driver who wants to check for outstanding fines can now search using several criteria:

  • by the number of driver’s license;
  • by the number of the passport and the state registration number of the vehicle (license plate of the vehicle);
  • by the number of the ID-card (if there is no passport) and the license plate of the vehicle;
  • by individual tax number and license plate of the vehicle;
  • according to the certificate of registration of the vehicle and the license plate of the vehicle.

Also there is an opportunity to check the outstanding fine by the number and series of ticket for traffic violations.

In addition, the display of information about payment through the UAPAY service when searching for fines has been added.

«The size of the unpaid fine for traffic violations will double in 10 days. To help the driver quickly find outstanding fines, we have expanded the range of search tools. Now you can search for a whole set of parameters at once. Moreover, if the user paid fines through our service, he will see a corresponding notification,»  noted Dmitry Zarakhovich, managing partner of UAPAY.