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UAPAY urges to avoid fraud within the information campaign #ScamGoodbye

Avoid scams!

Spoofing is when fraudsters masquerade as an official, trusted source to gain access to sensitive data. Fraudsters use it to trick you and steal money from your card.

Here are some important tips to avoid scams:
1️⃣ Be alert when you receive a message or call from an unknown number. Fraudsters can disguise themselves as banks, government agencies, and other trusted sources.

2️⃣ Never disclose personal data such as SMS codes, CVV code, internet banking logins and passwords, and card PIN.

3️⃣ If a bank employee called you, call the official bank number from the payment card yourself for confirmation.

4️⃣ Remember that real bank employees will never ask for CVV code, SMS codes, Internet banking passwords and card PIN.

More useful information on payment security at #ScramGoodbye:

Protect your funds and personal data!

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