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UAPAY warns of a scam!

📌 Fraudsters on the phone introduce themselves as employees of the bank’s security service, ask to provide confidential information about cards and accounts through a planned verification of data in connection with the war, after receiving this information, they embezzle money.

What information can fraudsters ask for?
🔹three numbers on the back of the card (CVV/CVC code);
🔹codes (one-time passwords) of banks;
🔹passwords for internet banking.

How to avoid such fraud?
🔸If a bank employee calls, say that you are now calling the official bank number indicated on the back of the payment card.
🔸Do not tell anyone the three numbers on the back of the card (CVV/CVC code), codes (one-time passwords) of banks, passwords for Internet banking.
🔸If you accidentally told the fraudster the details of the card, the bank code via SMS, immediately block the card or change the password for Internet banking.

More information about payment security rules is available on the website #ShakhrayGoodbay:

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